Conan is Canon
Conan is back!

Watching Conan’s premiere.  Hilarious opening.  Set looks amazing.  Ok, enough live blogging.  Time to enjoy the show.

You’re Next Dick Ebersol

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker who threatened to keep Conan off the air for 3.5 years if he didn’t move The Tonight Show to 12:05 will be fired when Comcast takes majority ownership of NBC.  So for those keeping score…Conan got rid of the masturbating bear for The Tonight Show…Zucker got rid of Conan for NBC…NBC got rid of Zucker…NBC kept the masturbating bear.  The new CEO of NBC is ….. the Masturbating Bear?

Sweater Puppet Discrimination

Katy Perry has been kicked off the premiere episode of Sesame Street for showing too much cleavage.  They should have just named those things and let the puppeteers go to town.  They already have characters named Honkers, Two-Headed Monster, and Hoots the owl.

It’s Back!

Season premiere of Modern Family tonight!  If they can sustain a few more seasons as good as the first it will be my 3rd favorite sitcom of all time.  Here’s my top 5.

1. Arrested Development

2. Seinfeld

3. Modern Family

4. The Office

5. Tie between 30 Rock and Scrubs

Damn cutbacks everywhere!

Nadya Suleman better known as Octomom has turned down a $500k offer from Vivid Entertainment to do porno.  Thankfully, Heptagranny offered to fill in and only one penis will be out of work.

Man Politics Are Dirty…

So Christine O’Donnell got a hand in the poles from a caucus supported by teabaggers…Is the Tea Party even new?  I thought Bill Clinton was teabagging back in ‘95.

CSI: Middle Earth

Justin Bieber will make his acting debut on the season premiere of CSI.  “Bieber Fever” kills all girls under 14 years old and Kim Kardashian.  Luckily, Bieber is caught and deported back to his home of Rivendell.